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MEMBER NEWS: Dole Fresh Fruit Awarded Shipper Of Choice Award By Fresh Freight

MEMBER NEWS: Dole Fresh Fruit Awarded Shipper of Choice Award by Fresh Freight


Fresh Freight LLC, an industry leader in full-service food transportation, has selected Dole Fresh Fruit, a division of Dole Food Company, as the winner of their annual Shipper of Choice Award.

The Shipper of Choice Award recognizes partners who consistently operate at an efficient level to combat driver detention, provide accessible facilities, and display an admirable level of supply chain leadership. In addition, the Shipper of Choice is one who displays an exceptional level of communication, collaboration, and shared interest for success.

As the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables, Dole Food Company has continuously displayed a level of efficiency that has driven the industry for over 170 years. “The greatest thing that stood out about the people at Dole was their ability to be incredibly personable with every order. Each person that we worked with from Dole has been very respectful and showed that they cared about our business – much like how we operate, here at Fresh Freight,” said Account Manager, James Alden.

A shared commitment to excellence has fueled Fresh Freight’s partnership with Dole Fresh Fruit for over five years, as Fresh Freight has provided its food transportation services, nationwide for Dole – specializing in port pick-ups of a variety of tropical fruits.

With over 35 years of combined experience as truck drivers, Nick and Claude had nothing but great things to say about Dole’s efficiency and respect for others’ time and business. When asked about their experiences with Dole, they noted that the company seemed to stand out primarily regarding loading time. “They have loaded me early multiple times, which is unheard of,” Nick stated. “I always have good luck with Dole. I feel like they always have me loaded on-time,” Claude added.

As a family-owned business, Fresh Freight is always seeking customers nationwide, who share the same values of accountability, leadership, and innovation.

When asked about Fresh Freight’s relationship with Dole Fresh Fruit – Founder and CEO, Matt Heroux stated the following words. “The Dole team does a tremendous job of navigating a very complex global supply chain. We appreciate their proactive approach to managing potential issues, and their high level of responsiveness to problem resolution. A high level of communication is critical for our success, and we’re fortunate to work with an organization that understands that impact. It’s a privilege for us to witness their commitment to their customers, and that sense of partnership is reflected in our relationship”.

Fresh Freight LLC is grateful for its partnership with Dole Food Company, as they both share values driven by tradition, efficiency, accountability, and a vision for excellence.

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