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2022 Front Sight Firearm Training Institute Class (Pahrump, NV)

2022 Front Sight Firearm Training Institute Class (Pahrump, NV)

ATTENTION: Front Sight as we know it is closing down. To date, they are not offering classes starting December 1st. This is likely our last time doing this trip, so if you’ve wanted to go, this is the time. Because of their poor finances, Front Sight has instituted a $100 a day use fee, plus a $50 background check fee that is not part of the package.

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For the past four winters a group of ATA members, and their friends, have traveled to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, in Nevada, for four days of rifle and pistol training. These trips have been very educational and improved the firearm skills for everyone who has attended.

The trip also provides an exceptional opportunity to build friendships and bond with others in the industry. Those who chose to attend have the option of staying in a hotel in either Las Vegas or Pahrump, NV, but the majority of the attendees pack up a travel trailer, RV, or a tent and dry camp right outside the facility around a large campfire.

We want to invite you all to join us at Front Sight this year. Attendees will have the option of taking either the four day defensive pistol or the four day tactical shotgun class starting on Friday, November 18, 2022. (Note: Classes start early, so we will travel up on Thursday, November 17.)

I have 48 guess passes that allow one person to attend a four day class or a two day class. These passes have a $2,000 face value, but I will be donating them and selling them off for $50 per pass. All proceeds will go to support the Arizona Trucking Association Foundation (ATAF). That’s right, all proceed go to support ATAF.

Existing Front Sight members can attend for free. If you are an existing Front Sight member we want you to join us as well. You will have the option of attending the pistol class; the shotgun class. Existing members and guests, please be sure to sign up so we know you will be attending.

Please note: 1) you must be able to pass Front Sight’s background check to attend classes. Please see course descriptions and requirements here four day defensive pistol requirements and four day tactical shotgun requirements. 2) There will be no refunds once the guest pass has been transferred to your account. You are responsible for your own ammo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at tbradley@aztrucking.com.


Tony Bradley

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