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ATA Featured Member: W.W. Williams

ATA Featured Member: W.W. Williams



Is your truck in need of repair?

Call your local W.W. Williams shop to end your despair!


History of W.W. Williams

Original W.W. Williams Building

     Original W.W. Williams Building

W.W. Williams has been a family owned business since its inception in 1912. Although the company has expanded well beyond the original Columbus, Ohio location, W.W. Williams has always remained a family-run company with only four presidents to date. The company was founded by William Wallace Williams Sr., who served as President until 1931, followed by Jules Clare Williams until 1963 and David F. Williams until 1999. Today, W.W. Williams is in the capable hands of William S. Williams. Each president has served with a “commitment to strength, integrity, and endurance that have defined the company since day one.” (W.W. Williams’s website)

From its original Ohio base, W.W. Williams expanded nationwide to the 26 branches throughout the country today, as well as Williams Online, established to better serve their customers. Within these branches, W.W. Williams maintains centers for distribution, logistics, marine, engine and transmission, power generation and refrigeration.

W.W Williams Services in Arizona and Across the Nation

 W.W. Williams Phoenix Office

           W.W. Williams Phoenix Office

W.W. Williams offers “bumper to bumper parts and services for your truck” states General Sales Manager Roger Booth. The Southwest Division consists of three branches located in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. In Arizona, as in the rest of the country, W.W. Williams says it is devoted to integrity and meeting their customer’s needs. The company relies heavily on word of mouth recommendations from loyal and satisfied customers in order to continue to grow.

 Current Issues

In today’s struggling economy, W.W. Williams has seen its customers defer maintenance or even park trucks to wait for better times. “We have seen times in the last year where it looks like things are moving forward only to have them stall out,” says Roger Booth, General Sales Manager. “We are confident that the economy will begin to move in a sustained positive direction soon,” he says. When this time comes, Booth promises that W.W. Williams will take advantage of the chance to grow.

Community Involvement

W.W. Williams partners with and supports many community activities, including Gabriel’s Angels, Make-a-Wish Foundation and Kiva.org. The company’s employees are also very active in their own communities. Roger Booth and his wife Lisa also are big supporters of the Arizona Cardinals and have held season tickets since 1997.

Membership in the Arizona Trucking Association

W.W. Williams joined the Arizona Trucking Association in 1962 and has continuously remained very active and supportive. Booth, who serves as ATA liaison, has been with the company since May of 2008 and says he is “thoroughly enjoying working for W.W. Williams and loves being involved in the trucking industry”. W.W. Williams has been generous supporters of ATA, including serving as Key Sponsor of the Leadership Conference since 2001.

Future of W.W. Williams and the Trucking Industry

According to Roger Booth, “the future of W.W. Williams looks bright.” Booth says that the strength of the company lies in its people. The company continues to look outside their current services to find other areas of growth. Booth acknowledges that the trucking industry succeeds in Arizona when the construction is booming. Although there are still some difficult times in the near future, Booth and W.W. Williams are hopeful that both industries will pick up soon.

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