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Young Professionals Council

During the October 2013 Annual Meeting the Arizona Trucking Association approved the creation of the ATA Young Professionals Council (YPC).

The YPC is an exclusive group of transportation professionals established for the purpose of equipping these future leaders with the knowledge they need to be successful and an appreciation for the role that the Arizona Trucking Association has in promoting and protecting the trucking industry.


  • Young professionals (No age limit defined)
  • Employed by a member of ATA
  • Displays leadership skills
  • Committed to a career in transportation


  • Nominated by employer or ATA member
  • Selected by the ATA Board of Directors


  • To cultivate the future leaders of the trucking industry in Arizona

  • While obtaining knowledge about the industry, our association, and the relationship between the two, we’ll build camaraderie that will better equip us for the challenges that lie ahead


  • Quarterly half-day meetings with educational, social, and networking components

Components of the educational curriculum include:

  • Legislative process, association dynamics, leadership profiling, economics, financial benchmarking, public speaking, public relations, political involvement, economics, business law, sales & marketing, etiquette, writing skills, ethics, and history of the trucking industry

Cost: Dues for the YPC are $200 a year for each member, which will cover costs of food and materials during quarterly meetings.

Want to nominate someone?

To nominate someone for the YPC please download a copy of the Nomination Application, fill it out, and return to Rhonda Merkel at

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