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Spread the Word: CARB’s Clean Truck Check Outreach Kit

The outreach kit includes a sample feature article that provides an overview of Clean Truck Check and corresponding infographics Clean Truck Check (formerly known as the Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Program) impacts nearly all non-gasoline vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating over 14,000 pounds GVWR that operate in California,…

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FMCSA Portal users must set up a Login.gov account by Friday

If you have or use an FMCSA Portal account, you must act now to maintain access. How you log on to the FMCSA Portal is changing to ensure enhanced security and compliance with the Federal Mandate for Multifactor Authentication.  Starting December 1, 2023, users will access the FMCSA Portal through…

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New ATRI Research Analyzes Predatory Towing and Efforts to Prevent It

Washington, D.C. – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today released a new report that examines the causes and countermeasures of predatory heavy-duty towing, with the goal of improving the relationship between the towing and trucking industries. The most common types of predatory towing were excessive rates, experienced by 82.7…

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