ATA Political Action Committee (T.A.L.E.)

The T.A.L.E. PAC, or Transportation Associates Legislative Education PAC, is the ATA’s Political Action Committee. Members of the Arizona Trucking Association are invited and encouraged to contribute to ATA’s PAC to help support worthy legislative candidates. Arizona law requires that PAC contributions be personal–not corporate–funds. Make your check to T.A.L.E. PAC and send it to ATA att’n Tony Bradley.

2015 Legislative Activity

There are two weeks left to hear bills in committee. ATA is following several pieces of legislation, but a few of note are as follows:


SB1274 – ADOT Omnibus

SB1274 includes a couple provisions that relate to the trucking industry.

First, it clarifies ATA’s position on the State issuing title only registration for semi-trailers used in interstate commerce and registered in another state. SB1274 also includes a conforming change for IRP registrations by changing the number of days a temporary registration is valid. Finally, it changes the procedures for when a CDL holder is disqualified. (This provision is the result of an FMCSA audit of ADOT’s procedures.)

(An omnibus bill packages several measures related to a single subject into one bill.)

Specific Trucking Industry Related Provisions

1. Allows the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to issue a vehicle a certificate of title without registration if the vehicle is a trailer or semitrailer that will be used in interstate commerce and that is registered in another state.

2. Changes the amount of time a temporary proportional registration or a temporary registration is valid from 90 to 60 days.

3. Adds that a disqualification for a commercial driver license (CDL) begins 10 days after ADOT receives a report of conviction or finding of responsibility for a CDL holder.

Other Provisions

4. Requires a financial institution filing a repossession affidavit with ADOT to do so electronically.

5. Transfers administrative duties and support responsibilities for the Citizen’s Transportation Oversight Committee from ADOT to a regional planning agency. Defines regional planning agency as the regional planning agency that has oversight responsibilities of regional transportation in a county with a population of 1,200,000 or more persons and that has levied a transportation excise tax.

6. Clarifies that ADOT is exempt from state procurement code and subject to Title 28 procurement and federal law for all items of construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, preservation, engineering services, right-of-way services or improvement undertaken on highway infrastructure.

7. Allow the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to accept either a paper or electronic certificate of title on new vehicles that are sold to vehicle dealers.

8. Allows a vehicle dealer to offer a vehicle in their possession for sale upon receiving proof of ownership or possession as defined by the ADOT director.

9. Allows the ADOT Director to establish alternative methods and utilize contracted private entities or persons for the administration and oversight of programs, functions or persons as allowed by statute.

10. Allows ADOT to establish a program to lease or sell advertising on non-highway assets of the department and to allow monetary sponsorship of facilities and other assets of the department. Specifies the following about the program:

a. revenue generated must be deposited in the State Highway Fund; and

b. outlines how contracts for this program are to be structured.

11. Specifies the documents that may be accepted from dealers.

12. Allows the ADOT Director to use alternative methods or private entities in administration and oversight functions.

13. Modifies when a vehicle dealer may offer a vehicle in their possession for sale.

14. Permits ADOT to establish a program to lease or sell advertising on non-highway assets and allow monetary sponsorship of facilities and other assets of the department. Defines the program requirements.

SB1274 can be viewed by clicking here.


SCR1012: Primary Freight Network; Supporting ADOT

SCR1012 expresses support for the Arizona Department of Transportation’s (ADOT) recommendations to the federal government regarding primary freight networks.

SCR1012 can be viewed by clicking here.


HB2408: Towing Contracts; DPS

As it stands right now, the ATA is opposed to HB2408. Please note, we are working with the supporters of the bill to address ATA’s concerns.

As currently written, HB2408 does four things:

1) create a new Super Heavy Duty Towing category in statute;

2) mandates that the rate for the new Super Heavy Duty Towing category be double the rate of the heavy-duty towing vehicle classification;

3) requires DPS to establish a base rate for towing services based on 2010 rates, plus a roughly 16% increase; and

4) mandates the base rate must be increased by an amount equal to the yearly percentage change of the Transportation Services Index or 2 percent, whichever is greater.

ATA is concerned with several provisions of the bill and the unintended consequences that could occur if this bill is passed. Again, we are working to with the bill supporters to alleviate ATA’s concerns.

HB2408 can be viewed by clicking here.

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