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ATA Featured Member: Z Trucking

ATA Featured Member: Z Trucking

Provide quality customer service. Keep people as a priority. Examine your potential. These are the goals Chris and Laurie Zwierzynski have endeavored to achieve since they opened the doors of Z-Trucking on October 1, 2003.

Z-Trucking is a national trucking company that specializes in the movement of truckload volumes of dry and refrigerated commodities with varying temperature requirements to accommodate customers’ specific needs. The company’s original one truck and trailer operation now includes multiple trucks and trailers, and it is complemented by another Zwierzynski business; Z Transport & Logistics LLC (ZTLL), a third party logistics (3PL) freight brokerage company with a large carrier base designed to meet the specific needs and increased demand from their customers.

Chris Zwierzynski has been fascinated with trucks since his childhood and always knew that some day he would work in the trucking industry. He honed his truck driving skills in preparation for his truck driving career by driving in circles in a friend’s service yard. His career has progressed with various jobs in the transportation industry since 1987. He has been employed by small businesses and Fortune 50 corporations working as a company driver, truck broker, transportation planner and transportation specialist. Eventually his fascination with trucks grew into an aspiration to have his own truck. With Chris as the president and the company’s sole driver, he and his wife Laurie brought Z Trucking LLC to life with the purchase of one truck and one trailer on October 1, 2003!

Laurie Zwierzynski is the company’s Vice President, bringing over 15 years of experience in administration, management, and finance to Z Trucking. She is responsible for all the company’s accounting functions. Laurie maintains the company’s proactive approach to management and appreciates ATA as a resource to help her stay abreast of the many changes mandated by legislation and the industry.

Z-Trucking has many accolades to its credit. The company prides itself on being able to provide a safe working environment for their contractors, as well as a steady stream of revenue to satisfy their livelihood. The company also contributes financially to Truckstop Ministries, an organization committed to helping truckers get their spiritual needs met while on the road.

Being able to endure the last recession is another accomplishment that Z-Trucking does not take lightly.FM_ZTrucking_01

“Fortunately the temperature control industry was not hit as hard as other parts of the trucking industry and we’ve experienced an increase in business during 2010 and the first part of 2011,” said Chris. Excellent management and strategic business planning have been crucial to their success. Chris shared his personal observations along with suggestions about being successful in the trucking industry:

“It is not as easy as holding a steering wheel.  Research every facet of the industry and build a solid business plan with a number of exit strategies before buying anything. Forecast costs for the next five years as accurately as possible. Over-estimate costs and under-estimate revenue!  For example, we started in 2003 when fuel was $1.30/gallon.”

Z-Trucking has been a member of ATA since May 2010. When the Zwierzynskis were asked why they joined ATA, they replied that it was “primarily to network with our peers in the trucking industry”. They appreciate ATA’s frequent events where they can network with people who have similar interests and challenges. They also mentioned other benefits of their ATA membership, including “…support from industry professionals on a variety of topics, and relevant seminars at an affordable cost. ATA has given us an avenue to meet other people in our industry face to face, which provides great support. You don’t feel like you’re alone.”

On October 27, 2011, Laurie Zwierzynski took her involvement in ATA to a new level when she was nominated and elected to a two-year term on ATA’s Board of Directors.

When asked about what they value most about their ATA membership, networking opportunities came out on top again. “The opportunity to meet hard-working, intelligent, logistically minded people in our geographic area [and] the support we get from other ATA members is indispensable!”

Thank you, Chris and Laurie Zwierzynski and Z-Trucking LLC for your membership and unwavering support of the Arizona Trucking Association.

For more information about Z Trucking LLC visit their web site at www.ztrk.com. You can also view their profiles on LinkedIn or give them a call at 480.264.2799.

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