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ATA Continues To Lead The Effort To Include Denham FAAAA Amendment In Conferenced Highway Bill

ATA Continues to Lead the Effort to Include Denham FAAAA Amendment in Conferenced Highway Bill

On Thursday, the attached updated American Trucking Asssociations-led coalition letter was communicated to House and Senate Conferees in support of the final reconciled highway bill retaining Section 1446 of the House-passed “Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act.  This section relates to Denham (R-CA) amendment that was included in the House-passed highway bill, that clarifies the preemption provision of the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 (FAAAA) to restore the goals Congress had in mind when it sought national uniformity for motor carriers in the transportation of property.

ATA continues to lead the call for the Denham Amendment’s inclusion in the final conferenced highway bill, and is confident that this language will allow trucking companies to continue to provide the level of service that the FMCSA has determined is consistent with safe operations and driver welfare; and that they can continue to make use of pay systems that reward efficiency and productivity.

ATA encourages you to reach out to your Senators and Representative with the attached letter, expressing support for this critical issue.

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