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UIIA Update On Hanjin Equipment

UIIA Update on Hanjin Equipment

UIIA-logoAll UIIA Motor Carriers were sent a notice on September 1, 2016 advising of the recent insolvency procedures that were commenced by Hanjin Shipping Company Ltd. and its impact on UIIA Motor Carriers ability to interchange Hanjin equipment. Motor Carriers were advised that various facilities are establishing their own guidelines in regards to the handling of Hanjin equipment, including some facilities electing to no longer accept any Hanjin equipment. It was suggested that Motor Carriers encountering these types of circumstances make sure that they create a factual record of the attempt to return or pick-up Hanjin equipment should this information be needed in the future to demonstrate the Motor Carrier’s inability to perform drayage services in conjunction with Hanjin equipment.

Please click here for a copy of the September 1, 2016 notice sent to UIIA Motor Carriers.

Please click here for a list of facilities that have confirmed their processes as it relates to Hanjin equipment.

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