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FMCSA Issues Notice On Lease And Interchange Of Vehicles By Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers

FMCSA Issues Notice on Lease and Interchange of Vehicles by Mexico-Domiciled Motor Carriers

FMCSA issued a notice on Nov. 22 informing the public and law enforcement authorities that, “in accordance with NAFTA and MCSIA, Mexican-domiciled motor carriers (lessors) are allowed to lease their equipment to U.S. motor carriers (lessees) regardless of the destination of the cargo, as long as the carriers meet the requirements of 49 CFR part 376.

Under the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999 (MCSIA) Mexico-domiciled motor carriers were previously prevented from leasing commercial motor vehicles to U.S. carriers to transport property into the United States until certain international obligations under NAFTA were met. However because Mexico-domiciled motor carriers were granted long-haul operating authority in January 2015 following satisfactory completion of a pilot program, these restrictions no longer apply.

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