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Governor Signs Arizona Trucking Association Supported Legislation HB2371

Governor Signs Arizona Trucking Association Supported Legislation HB2371

Major victory for specialized carriers

On March 22, 2017, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed HB231: Oversized Commercial Vehicles; Local Authority.

Sponsored by Representative Drew John, HB2371 establishes and ensures consistent and uniform regulation throughout Arizona for special permit loads while maintaining local control for bridge restrictions, time of day restrictions, and other infrastructure related restrictions.

“This is a major victory for specialized carriers,” stated Arizona Trucking Association President and CEO Tony Bradley. “Gone are the days of specialized carriers searching high and low to see if a local jurisdiction is regulating oversize/overdimentional loads. By ensuring that local authorities are following one set of rules and publishing their restrictions to a centralized location at the Department of Transportation, HB2371 provides predictability for specialized carriers.”

Currently, under ARS 28-1103(F) local authorities have the option to issue special permits for commercial vehicles that are in excess size or weight. Under the current system local authorities have broad discretion on the rules regarding issuing these special permits.

There have been instances where a local authority’s ordinance has conflicted with the state rules (AAC Title 17, Chapter 6) regarding excess size and weight.  Additionally, finding a local authorities ordinance has been difficult for interstate carriers, leading to confusion and potentially creating a public safety issue.

HB2371 solves this problem by:

  • Establishing uniform regulation throughout the state for oversize overweight trucks (AAC Title 17, Chapter 6);
  • Maintains local control on what is important to the local authority, bridge restrictions for bridges that cannot handle certain loads, time of day restrictions for rush hour and congestion, and infrastructure restrictions for construction or narrow roads; and
  • Improves safety by providing one place that businesses can look to find any and all restrictions regarding oversize or overweight loads.

The Arizona Trucking Association membership would like to thank Representative John for sponsoring this important piece of legislation on our behalf. HB2371 passed the Arizona House by a vote of 58-0 and the Arizona Senate by a vote of 23-6. Thank you to all the members of the Arizona legislature who voted to pass the bill, we appreciate your support. Thank you to the representatives from the County Supervisors Association and the Arizona League of Cities and Towns for their input on the legislation. Finally, thank you to Governor Ducey for signing this bill and ensuring that our industry is not overregulated.

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