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Free ELD Whitepaper By ATA Endorsed Partner J.J. Keller

Free ELD Whitepaper by ATA Endorsed Partner J.J. Keller

Switching to ELDs - Free WhitepaperSwitching to ELDs: The Risks of Waiting

In this whitepaper we examine the risks involved in waiting too long before starting the transition to electronic logs.

The main risk is not being able to get your company from using paper logs to effectively and efficiently using electronic logs before the December 18, 2017, deadline. However, there are several other risks, such as not having your drivers, supervisors and compliance staff prepared.

Written by J. J. Keller Senior Editor Tom Bray, this timely whitepaper will improve your understanding of what is needed for a successful ELD transition and the risks of waiting to begin the transition.

Click here, and fill out the form to download your FREE whitepaper – Switching to ELDs: The Risks of Waiting.

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