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Arizona Trucking Association Announces Legislative Endorsements For 2018

Arizona Trucking Association Announces Legislative Endorsements for 2018

For Immediate Release

Arizona Trucking Association Announces Legislative Endorsements for 2018

Tolleson, AZ – The Arizona Trucking Association Political Action Committee is proud to announce its first round of legislative endorsements for the 2018 Primary Election. The following recommendations are determined after reviewing candidate’s surveys, voting records and interaction with our membership, if applicable.

These candidates have shown an understanding and support for issues important to the trucking industry and our economy. The trucking industry is critically important to Arizona’s success. Arizona’s economy is hurt if we cannot do our job of delivering goods, materials, and equipment to their intended destination. In order to do that we need a reliable work environment that includes: safe roads free from congestion and a friendly business environment.

Click here to read all the surveys.

District 1
Karen Fann (R), Senate
Noel Campbell (R) House

District 5
Sonny Borelli (R), Senate
Regina Cobb (R), House

District 6
Bob Thorpe (R), House

District 8
Frank Pratt (R), Senate
TJ Shope (R),House
David Cook (R), House

District 9
Victoria Steele (D), Senate

District 10
Todd Clodfelter (R), House

District 11
Vince Leach (R), Senate

District 12
Warren Petersen (R), House

District 13
Sine Kerr (R), Senate
Tim Dunn (R), House
Darin Mitchell (R), House

District 14
Drew John (R), Senate
Gail Griffin (R), House
Becky Nutt (R), House

District 17
J.D. Mesnard (R), Senate
Jeff Weninger (R), House
Nora Ellen (R), House

District 18
Sean Bowie (D), Senate
Jill Norgaard (R), House

District 20
Paul Boyer (R), Senate
Anthony Kern (R), House

District 21
Rick Gray (R), Senate
Kevin Payne (R), House

District 22
David Livingston (R), Senate
Ben Toma (R), House

District 25
Rusty Bowers (R), House

District 27
Rebecca Rios (D), Senate

District 28
Kathy Pappas Petsas (R), House

District 29
Richard Andrade (D), House


The Arizona Trucking Association is a non-profit trade association that serves as the primary voice of the trucking industry in Arizona. In 2016, the trucking industry in Arizona provided 109,650 jobs or one out of 21 in the state. Total trucking industry wages paid in Arizona in 2063 exceeded $4.9 billion. 85 percent of Arizona communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods.



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