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TruckPay, The Uber Of Earth-Moving And Material Supply

TruckPay, The Uber Of Earth-Moving And Material Supply

TruckPay – The First Mobile Platform To Be Awarded Permission To Operate In Arizona

To Replace Paper Haul-Sheets, Bills Of Lading, And Tickets For The Aggregates Industry

TENAFLY, N.J., Nov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ADOT, in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, DPS, have granted permission, as part of a pilot program, for aggregate haulers to use TruckPay’s state of the art mobile technology to replace the use of paper haul-sheets, bills of lading, and tickets.

TruckPay’s CEO, Barry Honig said, “We are very excited to have received ADOT’s and DPS’ approval for our technology.  This is a win-win for both the aggregates industry and for ADOT/DPS. Today, the aggregate hauling industry is replete with paper. TruckPay eliminates all paper from every aspect of the aggregates logistics industry and also provides fleet tracking, for no additional cost. Aggregate businesses using TruckPay’s patent pending technology will see dramatic operational efficiencies that will directly impact bottom line performance.” Mr. Honig went on to say, “Law enforcement officers will be able to easily obtain the information they need to comply with state and federal transport regulations.  Private companies and government agencies will now be able to manage large infrastructure projects more cost effectively, conserving taxpayer dollars.”

TruckPay’s CTO, Benjamin Honig said, “ADOT enforcement and DPS Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspectors will use a highly secure law enforcement version of the TruckPay app, installed on their phones, to quickly scan drivers’ phones to visually inspect their digital haul-sheets and bills of lading.”  Benjamin also said, “Unlike some current electronic logging devices (ELD) solutions, no special equipment is needed to use TruckPay, other than just an iOS or Android device.   Drivers will not have to give law enforcement officers their mobile devices. Rather, they’ll just show the officer their phones, displaying only the TruckPay app for scanning, while protecting their other private personal information.”

Barry Honig concluded by saying, “We greatly appreciate Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s forward leaning vision to make Arizona a hub of technology innovation and to encourage technology companies like TruckPay to bring innovative solutions to all businesses in the State. Our customers in Arizona can feel comfortable using TruckPay to eliminate paper, knowing that when their trucks are inspected, enforcement officers will be able to quickly view their TruckPay digital haul-sheets and bills of lading.”

For any questions or media inquiries, please contact Barry Honig at barry@truckpay.com or call 866-901-7884 X700

SOURCE TruckPay Inc.

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