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2020 ATA Clay Shoot Results

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2020 ATA Clay Shoot at Ben Avery Clay Target Center.

We have posted photos of the event on our Facebook page, please visit  to see the photos from the event.

Individual scores are listed below:

First Name Last Name Company Score
Leslie Adams Commercial Metals Company 27
Stern Allred Roadmaster/TriState 14
Mark Antaky Great West Casualty Company 33
David Arbizu White Mountain Trucking, LLC 30
Steve Bach Thermo King West 17
Brian Beamer B 4 Transport Co 25
Paul Beamer B 4 Transport Co 23
John Beamer B 4 Transport Co 22
Kevin Black Barney Trucking Inc. 19
Don Blake Inland Kenworth, Inc.
Jim Burpee Empire Truck & Trailer 17
Brian Carroll LeBaron & Carroll Insurance 20
Bill Collier Ritchie Bros Auctioneers 15
Sandra Eidson CTI, Inc. 7
Glenn Florio Barney Trucking Inc. 20
Erick Garcia Redburn Tire Co. 14
Dave Gillman Bennett Oil-American Transport 10
Wesley Graff Western Towing of Phoenix, Inc. 27
Trevor Graff Western Towing of Phoenix, Inc. 25
Parker Hancock Western Transport Logistics 27
Doug Hancock Western Transport Logistics
Todd Hatch 1st Source Bank 10
Byron Haught Rush Truck Centers 31
Mark Henley Southwest Truck Driver Training 15
Marty Hernandez Purcell Tire Co.
Mike Jimenez J&L Transportation, Inc. 23
Michael Jimenez J&L Transportation, Inc. 17
Matt Johnson Ritchie Bros Auctioneers 8
Travis Kelley Cummins, Inc. 7
Mark Kennedy Swift Transportation Co. of AZ, LLC
Jared King Redburn Tire Co. 25
Mike Lajkowicz CTI, Inc. 19
Frank Larance Roadmaster/TriState 9
Mark Laster Purcell Tire Co.
Dan Lauletta Swift Transportation Co. of AZ, LLC 26
Tanner LeBaron LeBaron & Carroll Insurance 27
Cameron Leipart Continential Tire 14
Gavin Lindores Luma Brighter Learning
Tommy Lyons Inland Kenworth, Inc. 20
Victor Malchesky Great West Casualty Company 26
Jason Mammoser Thermo King West 26
Adam Martinez Redburn Tire Co. 9
Jovan Mata Omnitracs 27
Michael McCloskey Peterbuilt Motors 18
Michael Melander Bearcat 25
Jess Miller Diamond Trucking Inc. 21
PJ Miller Diamond Trucking Inc. 22
Dalton Miller Diamond Trucking Inc. 23
Mike Miller Diamond Trucking Inc. 18
Don Miller Empire Truck & Trailer 11
Clint Mills Southwest Truck Driver Training 19
Cary Moyer Diamond Trucking Inc. 15
Don Nash Ritchie Bros Auctioneers 22
John Opittek Diamond Trucking Inc. 21
Chad Perham Thermo King West 15
Chris Peterson NFR Solutions 22
Cheryl Phipps J&L Transportation, Inc. 21
Don Phipps J&L Transportation, Inc. 29
Sean Quintanilla Purcell Tire Co.
Stephen Ray White Mountain Trucking, LLC
Justin Ricketts Bennett Oil-American Transport 18
Larry Risi Thermo King West 15
Jeff Savage Purcell Tire Co.
Barry Schroeder Purcell Tire Co.
Mike Schroeder Western Transport Logistics
Mike Shannon Empire Truck & Trailer 18
Bryan Skidmore Commercial Metals Company 9
Patrick Taylor Purcell Tire Co.
Greg Thiem Rush Truck Centers 19
Shawn Van Riper Thermo King West 27
John Wicke Towing Professionals of AZ, Inc. 15
Jacob Wicke Towing Professionals of AZ, Inc. 19
Sean Williams Southwest Truck Driver Training 21
Travis Williams Southwest Truck Driver Training 21
Ian Williams Southwest Truck Driver Training 11
Hilary Williams Southwest Truck Driver Training 10
Kris Young Cummins, Inc. 24
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