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Webinar Replay: COVID 19 Workplace Testing

Webinar Replay: COVID 19 Workplace Testing

As businesses begin to reopen, employees will need to feel you are doing everything possible to make the workplace physically safe for them. Not only do they expect it, it’s your obligation as an employer. Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace (Section 5(a)(1)) of the OSHA Act.

Arizona companies need to develop a return-to-work safety strategy, or a Physical Safety Program, for their workforce. COVID testing your employees is a critical data point in your Physical Safety Program. Employers need to know who has had exposure to the virus and has built up antibodies for immunity, and who has not.

Testing is critical, but what test do I need? What are the protocols for testing? What do positive and negative results actually mean? Are the tests accurate? The noise in the media has caused great confusion.

In this webinar, we intend to remove the confusion out of Covid – 19 testing for return-to-work as part of a blended testing program. Gina Kesler and Jay Hughes of Impact Employee Solutions will review Covid-19 testing solutions, what the results mean, and how they fit into your return to work strategy. Impact Employee Solutions is a Phoenix-based full service Employee Screening company. As an active ATA member, our drug, alcohol and clinical testing expertise is a core competency that lends itself to Covid-19 testing for your organization. www.impactemployee.com

Guest Presenters:
Gina Kesler
Gina Kesler is the President and CEO of Impact Employee Solutions headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.Gina has over 25 years of professional sales, management, and sales training experience in the human resources, compliance and human capital arena. At Impact Employee Solutions, IES, Gina, and her staff in Arizona, run a successful employment screening firm that provides policies, training, screening and reporting solutions for employers. She has expertise in federally mandated drug and alcohol testing programs, drug free workplace policy and procedures, and compliance and regulatory screening within healthcare. IES is also a consumer reporting agency, providing background screening services and FCRA guidance to business clients across the United States. Gina is a founding Board member of NDASA (National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association) and a member of SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association), ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals), ATA (Arizona Trucking Association), and BBB (Better Business Bureau). Gina holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from Montana State University. Additionally, Gina holds many industry certifications. Gina is a recipient of the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health Vendor/Training Partnership Award for 2016.

Jay Hughes
Jay joined Impact Employee Solutions in 2016. Throughout his career, he has a history of driving strong organic growth by building exceptional teams and sophisticated technology to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. As Executive Vice President, he is responsible for driving revenue, leading innovation and providing strategic vision for the organization, including directing product initiatives and revolutionizing the user experience for client- and applicant-facing software.

An accomplished and successful business development professional, Jay has extensive experience in consulting and designing workplace programs in a number of industries. With over a 20-year history of designing custom programs in compliance based industries he has focused on developing partnerships with companies that provide intrinsic value to clients and providing services that meet strict quality standards.

Regardless of size, Jay has always put the client first, taking time to understand their priorities, goals and values. His industry experience allows Jay to provide best-practice recommendations to improve effectiveness and efficiency within his clients’ risk mitigation programs. “ It all starts with an understanding of your business”

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