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Arizona Trucking Association Announces Winners Of The 2022 Arizona Truck Driving Championship

Arizona Trucking Association Announces Winners of the 2022 Arizona Truck Driving Championship

Phoenix, AZ – On April 9, 2022 the Arizona Trucking Association held its annual Truck Driving Championship (TDC) at Tempe Diablo Stadium.

Over 106 drivers participated in this year‘s event, many of which have millions of miles of accident free driving.

Participants are tested in three different areas:

A written exam that tests drivers’ knowledge of the industry, first aid, health, wellness, injury prevention, fire safety, general safety, and security;

A pre-trip inspection, which tests competitors on their knowledge of the equipment; and

A skills/driving test, which consists of six objectives that test their ability to maneuver the vehicle in simulations of every day driving conditions.

Mr. Mike Alpine, ABF, was awarded “Grand Champion” of the annual safe driving competition. Additional high honors included:

  • Best Skills/Driving Course Score: David Coffel – FedEx Express
  • Best Pre-Trip Inspection: Mohammed Khan – FedEx Freight
  • David Messmer Rookie of the Year Award: Chase Peterson – Shamrock Foods Co

Eight other TDC class winners will join Mr. Alpine to represent Arizona at the National Truck Driving Championship in Indianapolis, IN on August 16-20, 2022. Team Arizona will compete against 430 other professional drivers vying for selection as the nation’s top professional truck drivers.

First, second, and third place winners in each class are listed below.

1ST Adrian Nune – United Parcel Services (UPS)
2ND Manuel Rodriguez – FedEx Ground
3RD Pedro Flores – FedEx Express

1ST David Coffel – FedEx Express
2ND David A Zdanek – FedEx Freight
3RD Matteo Dibase-Dupre – FedEx Freight

1ST Chase Peterson – Shamrock Foods Co
2ND Albert Ochoa – FedEx Freight
3RD Rudy Salgado – ABF

1ST Reynaldo Murrieta – FedEx Freight
2ND Alejandro Mancilla – Old Dominion Freight Line
3RD Stephen P Seitter – FedEx Freight

1ST John M Housley – Freeport Transportation
2ND Dale Moyle – Walmart Supply Chain
3RD Valente Diaz – Shamrock Foods Co

1ST Eric Ramsdell – Walmart Supply Chain
2ND Dustin Miller – Commercial Metals Company
3RD William Vasquez – Shamrock Foods Co

1ST Ina Daly – XPO Logistics Freight
2ND Steven Garner – Shamrock Foods Co
3RD Robert Cound – Walmart Supply Chain

1ST Mike Alpine – ABF
2ND Greg Ryan – Walmart Supply Chain
3RD Tramel Caldwell – Shamrock Foods Co

1ST Kelly Brown – FedEx Freight
2ND Mohammed Khan – FedEx Freight
3RD Jesus Sanchez – FedEx Freight

2022 Final Scores for All Competitors – Click here

The Arizona Trucking Association would like to thank all the competitors who participated in this year’s TDC. We would also like to thank the sponsors and volunteers who make the Arizona TDC possible.

Barney Trucking, Inc.
Desert Trailer Systems, Inc.
Duncan & Son Lines, Inc.
FedEx Freight
Freeport Transportation, Inc.
Great West Casualty Co., Inc.
Heffernan Insurance Brokers
Ina Daily
JoyRide Logistics LLC
Meritor, Inc.
MP Environmental Services, Inc.
PrePass Safety Alliance
Transtar Insurance Brokers
Walmart Supply Chain
Western Transport Logistic

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