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ATA Celebrates Key 2023 Legislation Going Into Effect

ATA Celebrates Key 2023 Legislation Going into Effect

Tolleson, AZ – The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) celebrates the “General Effective Date” Day for essential legislation passed in 2023. The following bills are now in full effect:

HB2288 – Enhancing Roundabout Safety: This legislation, now part of ARS 28-778, brings crucial changes to roundabout regulations and large vehicles’ right-of-way. For details, visit here.

SB1097 – Improving Truck Route Designation: Incorporated into ARS 28-1106(E), SB1097 focuses on better truck route designation and restrictions on highway usage. Learn more at this link.

SB1206 – Commercial vehicles; penalty; civil; criminal: Fixing A.R.S. 28-5240 and 28-5241, SB1206 establishes civil and criminal penalties for commercial vehicle violations, except for out-of-service order violations. Read the details here and here.

These legislative changes aim to enhance safety, streamline regulations, and benefit Arizona’s transportation system. The state applauds the collaborative efforts of all involved in making these crucial laws a reality.

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