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Arizona Trucking Association Bills Advance With Bipartisan Support

Arizona Trucking Association Bills Advance with Bipartisan Support

Yesterday, two priority bills successfully passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, reflecting strong bipartisan support.

HB2461: duty of care; leased vehicles – House Bill 2461, passing unanimously (11-0), focuses on leased vehicles’ duty of care in civil lawsuits. It aligns Arizona with national safety standards by ensuring leased vehicles aren’t mandated to retrofit with equipment not required at the time of manufacture, except for mandatory recalls. More details can be found here.

HB2414: commercial vehicles; fleet plates; fees – House Bill 2414, approved with a 9-2 vote, authorizes a new semi-customizable commercial vehicle fleet license plate, enhancing security against plate theft and misuse. The bill also establishes the “Commercial Truck Safety, Education, and Workforce Fund” to bolster truck safety, education, and industry workforce development. For more information, visit this link.

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