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Arizona Share The Road Program (STR)

Arizona Share the Road Program (STR)

Sharing the Road with Trucks is a simple concept, but one that repeatedly needs to be emphasized to automobile drivers, particular new drivers.

The Arizona Trucking Association’s “Share the Road/NO Zone” (STR) Program began in 2004 under a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Volunteer and staff presenters travel throughout the State of Arizona spreading the message of how to safely share the road with big trucks, while also promoting safety belt use and sharing other safety information with the public.

Since 2009, ATA and the Arizona Department of Public Safety have developed an expanded “Share the Road” program that features joint enforcement and educational outreach efforts throughout Arizona. ATA and DPS also partnered with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) to develop “Teens & Trucks” — a training curriculum for novice drivers on sharing the road with trucks. The curriculum, including a 12-minute DVD, instructor’s manual, student workbook and one-page handout, is available from CVSA.

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