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Highway Safety Grant Helps Educate Driving Public About Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

Highway Safety Grant Helps Educate Driving Public About Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Transportation Education Foundation (ATEF) is proud to announce the completion of a $40,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for FY2015.

The grant allows ATEF to continue its mission to advocate for highway safety through its highly acclaimed “Share the Road” and “Teens and Trucks” programs. Specifically, this grant allowed ATEF to wrap a second commercial trailer with the “Stay Out of the No-Zone” message that allows ATA to keep up with the increasing demand for our display trailers and the Share the Road educational programming.

“The additional trailer wrap allows our safety message to reach more Arizonans than ever before,” stated ATEF Executive Director Tony Bradley. “Through education and working together, we can continue to reduce truck-involved crashes on Arizona’s roads. And the more people we can educate about safe driving around large trucks, the safer our roads will be for all drivers.”

“Share the Road” program has three objectives:

  • Educate all highway users, including passenger car drivers, motorcyclists and commercial vehicle operators, how to Share the Road safely to reduce truck-involved crashes.
  • Expand public awareness of sharing the road safely with trucks hauling over-dimensional loads.
  • Intensify outreach to several key groups, including novice drivers, senior citizens and others unaware of how their actions around large commercial vehicles can create unsafe traffic situations.

For more information or to schedule a Share the Road or Teens and Trucks event, please contact Nancy Nelson at 602-850-6000 or visit www.sharetheroadaz.com.

The Arizona Transportation Education Foundation (ATEF) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and advance highway safety and a safe trucking industry through research, education and promotional projects. ATEF is a subsidiary of the Arizona Trucking Association.

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