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Senate Votes To Delay Twin 33s Approval In Transportation Funding Bill

Senate Votes to Delay Twin 33s Approval in Transportation Funding Bill

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The Senate on Nov. 18 easily agreed to delay approval of twin 33-foot trailers nationwide, a key provision in a fiscal 2016 transportation funding bill.

By a voice vote, the chamber adopted an amendment to the funding bill, offered by Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker, that would allow the secretary of transportation to sign off on increases to the length of tractor-trailers only after determining through a study the increase would not negatively impact public safety.

The study would need to assess the public safety benefits of extending the length of trucks allowed on federal highways from twin 28-foot trailers to twin 33s.

In a statement shortly after the vote, Wicker said: “The Senate stands with this overwhelming majority and with the 38 states who have said ‘no’ to these longer double trailers. This is a victory for public safety, states’ rights and hard-working taxpayers.”

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