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Lane Restriction On Interstate 10 East Near California Line

Lane restriction on Interstate 10 East near California line

Lane restriction on Interstate 10 East near California line

Wide loads will need to use I-8 or I-40 beginning May 30

PHOENIX – Reconstruction of the Ehrenberg Port of Entry on eastbound Interstate 10 near the California state line will mean delays for most drivers and, after the Memorial Day holiday weekend, a detour for loads wider than 10 feet.

I-10 eastbound has been reduced to a single, 10-foot lane at the port, about three miles east of the Colorado River. Drivers returning to Arizona from California should expect delays, especially on Monday at the end of the holiday weekend.

From now through Monday, May 29, law enforcement officers will escort wide loads through the port area. Beginning Tuesday, May 30, vehicles more than 10 feet wide will need to find an alternate route, such as Interstate 8 to the south or Interstate 40 to the north. That restriction, which applies to vehicles with wide-load permits, is expected to remain in place through the end of September.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is reconstructing the port, including constructing a new operations building, a new credentials booth and a new auxiliary lane, along with other improvements. The $14.5 million project began in March and is expected to be completed by summer 2018. One eastbound lane will remain open throughout the project.

Westbound travel isn’t restricted.

The port of entry, which conducts safety inspections for commercial vehicles, will remain open through the project.  Each year more than 930,000 commercial vehicles pass through the port, where officers issue necessary permits, and monitor all commercial traffic entering the state for registration, taxes, size and weight restrictions, commercial driver license requirements, insurance requirements and equipment safety requirements.

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