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Changes Ahead for California’s Diesel Smoke Inspection Programs

Changes Ahead for California’s Diesel Smoke Inspection Programs

The California Air Resources Board is scheduled to consider changes to its diesel smoke inspection programs on May 25, 2018. The changes would impact the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program, which requires fleets to annually smoke test their California registered trucks, and the roadside inspection program, which randomly smoke tests diesel trucks operating in California.

Proposed changes include lowering the exhaust smoke limit (opacity) from 40 percent to 5 percent for trucks equipped with diesel particulate filters. Beginning in 2023, fleets subject to PSIP would need to submit annual test records to CARB rather than retaining them on-site. Other changes to PSIP include a training requirement for smoke testers and voluntary reporting of on-board diagnostic data in lieu of testing.

ATA is reviewing the proposed changes. Initial concerns have been expressed about the new reporting requirement. Fleets with trucks registered or operated in California should review the proposed changes outlined in the Notice of Public Hearing and submit comments, as necessary.

American Trucking Association Dispatch for Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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