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Statement From Arizona Trucking Association Regarding The Trucker Convoy

Statement from Arizona Trucking Association regarding the Trucker Convoy

Recent news reports indicate that there is a “trucker convey” starting in California driving through Arizona on its way to Washington DC to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

It appears that political operatives are attempting to organize truckers by encouraging them to protest via a convoy by paying truckers for their participation.

The following statement can be attributed to Arizona Trucking Association President and CEO, Tony Bradley.

“As our counterparts across the country have done, the Arizona Trucking Association condemns any activities that disrupt public safety and compromise the economic and national security of the United States.

“Truckers have already delivered for the American people. There is no vaccine mandate in the United States because the American Trucking Associations federation stood up and challenged the OSHA rule all the way to the Supreme Court. We won, its over. What is there to protest?

“It is critical that truckers continue to deliver food, supplies, equipment, medicine, materials and hope as we have done during times of crisis and during normal times. We will continue to fight injustice and overbearing government regulations when appropriate without disrupting the free flow of commerce that the people depend on.

“Further, we condemn any political organization that attempts to profit off the good will that hardworking truckers have established for their own political gain or purposes. Their actions are shameful and self-serving.”


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