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Arizona Trucking Association Applauds Passage Of SB1102 (Proposition 400 Extension)

Arizona Trucking Association Applauds Passage of SB1102 (Proposition 400 Extension)

The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) extends its gratitude to the Arizona Legislature for the successful passage of SB1102 (NOW: transportation excise tax; Maricopa county) a momentous piece of transportation funding enabling legislation that will significantly enhance the state’s infrastructure and economy. The ATA acknowledges the unwavering dedication and leadership demonstrated by key individuals in shepherding this landmark bill through the legislative process.

First and foremost, the ATA would like to thank the entire Arizona Legislature for its commitment to the betterment of transportation in our state. Their collective effort in supporting and voting in favor of SB1102 highlights the importance of investing in Arizona’s transportation infrastructure.

The ATA wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Speaker Toma and President Petersen for their exceptional leadership in negotiating and championing the passage of SB1102. Their commitment to finding common ground and advancing this crucial bill demonstrates their dedication to the prosperity of our state and its residents.

Chairman Farnsworth and Chairman Cook played a pivotal role in spearheading the stakeholder process, ensuring that all voices were heard and that the final legislation addressed the needs of various stakeholders. Their dedication to transparency and inclusivity in the legislative process has resulted in a bill that will have a lasting positive impact on Arizona’s transportation system.

The ATA is immensely grateful to Governor Hobbs and her staff for their relentless efforts in working on a consensus bill that could garner the necessary votes to pass the legislature. Their commitment to fostering cooperation and collaboration among all parties involved has been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone.

Furthermore, the ATA extends its gratitude to the Maricopa Association of Government for their support and collaboration throughout the process. Their valuable insights and contributions have been instrumental in shaping the final legislation and ensuring its efficacy.

Key highlights of SB1102 include the allocation of $90 million towards much-needed truck parking facilities. ATA President and CEO, Tony Bradley, commented on this provision, stating, “The inclusion of $90 million in truck parking funding is a significant step forward for the trucking industry in Arizona. Adequate truck parking is essential for driver safety and well-being, and this investment will go a long way in improving conditions for truckers and enhancing overall highway safety.”

Moreover, the bill will dedicate 63% of the funding to arterial road improvements and freeway enhancements, addressing critical infrastructure needs and easing traffic congestion throughout the region. This strategic allocation will foster economic growth and make Arizona’s roads safer and more efficient for all road users.

By investing in transportation infrastructure, Arizona’s economy will experience substantial benefits, promoting job growth, attracting new businesses, and bolstering economic prosperity for the region.

In addition to these important measures, SB1102 incorporates vital guardrails, efficiencies, and taxpayer protections to ensure that transportation funding is allocated and utilized responsibly, safeguarding the interests of all Arizona taxpayers.

Now the voters will decide. We look forward to educating the voters about the benefits of Proposition 400 Extension and are grateful it will be on the ballot before the expiration of the current tax in 2025.

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