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Arizona Trucking Association Applauds Passage Of Senate Bill 1340 – Toll Roads; Conversion; Prohibition

Arizona Trucking Association Applauds Passage of Senate Bill 1340 – toll roads; conversion; prohibition

Tolleson, AZ – The Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) proudly commends the recent passage of Senate Bill 1340 by the Arizona Legislature, a significant milestone in safeguarding taxpayer-funded roads from being converted into toll roads.

The enactment of Senate Bill 1340 marks a crucial step in maintaining the accessibility and affordability of Arizona’s transportation infrastructure. By prohibiting the conversion of taxpayer-funded roads into toll roads, this legislation ensures that the burden of paying for essential transportation routes remains fairly distributed among all Arizonans.

“We are extremely pleased with the passage of Senate Bill 1340 and would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Arizona Legislature and Governor Hobbs for their unwavering commitment to protecting the interests of Arizona’s taxpayers and the trucking industry,” stated Tony Bradley, President and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association. “This legislation exemplifies a proactive and forward-thinking approach to maintaining our state’s critical transportation infrastructure.”

The trucking industry plays a pivotal role in the economic growth and development of Arizona. As the backbone of our state’s supply chain, trucks transport goods and services across Arizona and beyond, connecting communities, businesses, and consumers. The preservation of taxpayer-funded roads as toll-free ensures the continued efficiency, affordability, and reliability of our transportation network, allowing businesses to thrive and ensuring the availability of essential goods to all Arizonans.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those involved in supporting Senate Bill 1340. By rejecting the conversion of taxpayer-funded roads into toll roads, we are sending a clear message that Arizona values fairness, accessibility, and the economic prosperity of our state,” added Bradley. “This legislation will foster an environment where businesses can flourish, communities can thrive, and the people of Arizona can enjoy safe and efficient roadways for generations to come.”

The Arizona Trucking Association is committed to promoting the interests of the trucking industry and advocating for sound transportation policies that enhance Arizona’s economy. With the passage of Senate Bill 1340, the ATA looks forward to continuing its partnership with stakeholders across the state to ensure the long-term prosperity and sustainability of Arizona’s transportation infrastructure.

About the Arizona Trucking Association:
The Arizona Trucking Association is the voice of the trucking industry in Arizona, representing trucking companies of all sizes and types across the state. The association advocates for policies that promote a safe, efficient, and sustainable trucking industry, and provides valuable resources and support to its members. To learn more, visit www.arizonatrucking.com

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