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The Arizona Trucking Association Applauds The Signing Of HB 2461 – Duty Of Care For Leased Vehicles.

The Arizona Trucking Association applauds the signing of HB 2461 – Duty of Care for Leased Vehicles.

Yesterday, Governor Katie Hobbs signed into law House Bill 2461, concerning duty of care for leased vehicles. This legislation, sponsored by Representative David Cook (R – District 7), establishes a standard of care for leased vehicles in civil litigation cases. Specifically, the law clarifies that there is no obligation for the owner, lessor, renter, or operator of a covered motor vehicle to install equipment not required by federal motor vehicle safety standards. In simpler terms, the installation of optional equipment remains discretionary.

HB 2461 provides consistency and predictability for fleets investing in safety technology tailored to their needs. It also protects them from frivolous lawsuits.

The Arizona Trucking Association, in collaboration with the Truck Rental and Leasing Association (TRALA), played a key role in crafting HB 2461. With this legislation’s enactment, Arizona becomes the third state to pass a law protecting leased vehicles with optional equipment.

“Ending lawsuit abuse is a top priority for the trucking industry,” said Tony Bradley, President and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association. “Trial attorneys often exploit ambiguities, allowing them to manipulate the legal system and create misleading narratives about trucking. HB 2461 eliminates such ambiguities by clearly defining the duty of care regarding mandatory and optional equipment on vehicles. While these reforms might seem like common sense, they bring much-needed stability and predictability to our industry.”

The ATA extends its gratitude to Governor Hobbs for signing this pivotal reform into law. We also wish to thank our sponsor, David Cook, and the members of the Arizona House and Senate for their unanimous support of this legislation.

To view a copy of HB2461, please click here.

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