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ATA Featured Member: Moody’s Quick

ATA Featured Member: Moody’s Quick


Who should you turn to for lightning fast local, statewide (and beyond) pickup and delivery service, and for your packaging material or warehousing needs? Why Moody’s Quick of course!


Mark Doughty and John Johnson beside Moody’s new 33,000 square foot warehouse

Moody’s History

 Moody’s was started over 40 years ago in New York by Moody Snider and incorporated officially as Moody’s Quick, Inc. in 1971. The company started primarily as a courier service in Manhattan delivering for companies such as KPMG Accounting, and has been their principle courier service for decades. As a testament to their relationship, the two companies have only recently signed a formal service agreement!

In 1978 Mr. Snider and his wife moved to Phoenix. They did not plan to start an operation in this area, but due to customer draw they began to deliver small packages locally. In the early1980s this expanded into a full pickup and delivery service.In the year 2000, Moody Snider retired and asked Mark Doughty to come onboard as the company president. Mark’s mother, Alice Doughty was Moody’s first Phoenix employee and retired in March 2008 as vice president. Mark’s involvement with Moody’s started as early as the eighth grade when Alice would bring home marketing materials for him to fold. Prior to joining Moody’s, Mark had a successful career running various divisions of Discover Card.

In November 2007, Moody’s executed a major expansion plan to meet their customer’s needs. The expansion included their relocation into a 33,000 square foot warehouse, the launch of Quick Product Solutions (QPS), a full line packaging materials distributor and the addition of John Johnson as their new vice president.

Services Offered

 From envelopes to truckloads, dry or refrigerated, Moody’s is known for getting things delivered when others can’t. Many times companies need a delivery the same day, to remote locations in Arizona or neighboring states. Mark says, “The bottom line has been our flexibility and customer service focus to do jobs that competitors can’t or won’t handle well.” He has several stories of unique deliveries they have made. For instance, a restaurant in Page, Arizona needed a flat of tomatoes from a Phoenix supplier that same day, and Moody’s came to their rescue. Moody’s prides itself on flexibility and determining exactly what the customer needs, when they need it, and how to make that happen.

Customers may also use Moody’s when they can’t justify another full-load route or another driver. Mark says they do a significant amount of this kind of “plan B” service for companies. Working this way, they can also help their clients identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

FM_Moodys_04 copy

   Inside Moody’s new warehouse: premium tomatoes ready for delivery, and packaging “peanuts”

                                                                (biodegradable = beige / antistatic – pink)

In addition to courier service Moody’s provides warehousing, fulfillment and cross docking service for their customers. With the new addition of QPS, they also provide a full line of stock and custom packaging materials. These materials include boxes, tape, packing peanuts, pallet wrap, bubble wrap, corner guards, and others.

Vision & Challenges

 The vision for Moody’s and QPS is continued growth in all of the services offered. By partnering with their customers, Moody’s focuses on delivering cost effective solutions tailored made for each client’s unique requirements.

The main challenge to this growth has been informing both existing and new clients about all of the packaging materials and logistical services offered. Moody’s has embarked on a comprehensive sales and marketing campaign to get the word out!

Joining ATA

 Moody’s Quick joined the association in 2003 and has benefitted in several ways. The ongoing educational opportunities ATA provides, and the networking with other members has been invaluable. The title and registration services are also very effective. Mark has been on the association’s board of directors since 2006 and welcomes the opportunity to be involved with the ATA at such a critical time in the transportation industry.

To learn more about Moody’s Quick and QPS services and packaging products, please visit www.moodysquick.com and www.qps4u.com.

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