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ATA Featured Member: DLD Truck Straps

ATA Featured Member: DLD Truck Straps

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DLD Truck Straps is very much a family affair and President Becky Thiessen, husband and Vice President Terry Thiessen, along with sister and Chief Financial Officer Vickie Vaccarello, have been pivotal in maintaining the family legacy.

In 1979, Becky and Vickie’s father – David Lloyd – retired from Aeroquip, the largest cargo control company in the nation at the time. David, along with his wife Lonnie and two of their four children, moved from Dallas, Texas to Richland, Arizona with dreams of starting their own business. In 1980 against high odds, David Lloyd invested his pension money to start David Lloyd Distributors. The risky venture paid off and today the renamed company, DLD Truck Straps, is a premier tie-down and tarp manufacturer.

The name DLD Truck Straps had a little something to do with odds as well. When David Lloyd decided to incorporate under David Lloyd Distributors in 1984, oddly he found that his company name had already been incorporated in Arizona by another entity. By that time, the company was sewing their own truck straps, so David changed the company’s name and incorporated as DLD Truck Straps.

The company has served the transportation industry for over 32 years. Becky Thiessen, who joined the family business in 1985, has been its president since 2009. In the beginning the company was primarily a distributor of Aeroquip cargo control products. Since then, the company has evolved and expanded to include the fabrication of synthetic web tie-down straps and vinyl and mesh truck tarps. In addition, the company offers a full line of load securement products and full tarp repair service to the transportation industry. DLD also offers customization of their fabricated product line.

The business is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has a nationwide customer base. In 2011 DLD Truck Straps received a “Top Ten Distributor” award from Pro-Tech Industries, a leading manufacturer of quality truck accessories, for top sales of aluminum cab racks, truck tool boxes and fenders.

DLD’s success is owed in large part to Becky’s commitment to excellent customer service and to her commitment to serving others. She has a long history of serving the organizations in which she’s involved. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) as First Officer and President. Becky is recognized as the first female and the longest-standing President of WSTDA, which was founded in 1973 and is the organization which writes standards for load securement products. Becky served on the Board from 1998 until 2006, including two years as Vice President and two 2-year terms as President.

DLD Truck Straps has been a member of ATA since January 7, 2008. When asked why DLD joined ATA, Becky replied, “DLD rejoined ATA after becoming a vendor for and a friend with Faye Stewart. Every time Faye would stop by she would visit with me about the ATA with such passion and support for the industry and the association. She put the fire back in me to get involved with the association again.”

DLD Truck Straps became actively involved with ATA immediately upon rejoining. During the company’s first year of membership, Becky and Terry volunteered to help at the National Truck Driving Awareness Week event sponsored by ATA. In 2010, Becky was a speaker at the CSA Workshop series held at ATA. She attends the Road Check event held annually in conjunction with CVSA and the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and has been an extremely active member of ATA’s Safety and Maintenance Council from the start of DLD’s membership. She was elected the Council’s Vice Chair in 2011. This year Becky was Co-Chair of the State Truck Driving Championships held in Tempe.

Becky’s active involvement pairs nicely with what she cites as some of the benefits of her ATA membership. “The benefits for me are the networking opportunities and safety programs that allow for member participation. The more involved I am with the activities of the ATA, the greater the benefit is to me.”

The importance of interpersonal relationships to Becky is evident in her response to what she values most about her ATA membership. “I value the people most. Any association is only as good as the staff and the members. I have been very fortunate to have the time to work with the staff and the members of the ATA. That alone is priceless.”

The advice Becky gives folks looking to be successful in the trucking industry? “Treat your employees and your customers with the same respect and appreciation that you seek from them. Never under-value your company, your employees, your products, your service or yourself. I always remind myself that without the people behind the sewing machines or behind the wheel, I would serve as President of nothing.”

Becky Thiessen is always ready to introduce folks to the DLD family. She says, “A simple phone call (602-278-2878) or “stop on by” (3068 N. 30th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85017) is always a great way to get to know us. Of course you can also check us on online at www.dldtruckstraps.com.”


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