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  • Wed

    Marijuana in the Workplace

    9:00 am800 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85007

    A special presentation for employers, human resource professionals, safety professionals and key executive management. Currently, there are four states that have passed the sale and use of marijuana for recreational use. Another four states have initiatives out for signatures that would replicate these changes in state laws for the November 2016 ballot. Arizona is one of those states. Since the passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, states have been keeping their eye on the outcomes. Those that would like to see marijuana legalized have also used Colorado as the model state to reform future initiatives for other states.

    The people of Arizona will likely be asked to vote yay or nah to legalize marijuana for recreational use this November. It is important that employers are well informed on what is in this initiative NOW, how the Colorado experiment has impacted employers and how Arizona's proposed language will directly affect the workplace.

    Gina Kesler, President of D & A Experts, along with special guest from Colorado, Jo McGuire, President of Five Minutes of Courage, request your attendance as they take an in-depth look at the initiative and evaluate how it impacts employers, employees and business in Arizona.


    Enroll on-line at www.ezregister.com/promoters/1607

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