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  • Thu

    Briefing - Share the Road/Teens and Truck Program

    11:30 AM to 1:00 PMATA Offices

    Safety is the top priority in the trucking industry today.

    As you may know, the Arizona Transportation Education Foundation (ATEF), the ATA’s 501c(3), sponsors two major safety programs dedicated to educating the driving public on how to safety drive around a commercial vehicle. The first program called “Share the Road” is geared towards the general public. “Share the Road” events usually happen at large public gatherings like: Glendale’s Touch-a-Truck, TMC’s Be Safe Saturday, RoadCheck, etc.  Our “Teens and Trucks” program, in partnership with DPS, generally takes place at high schools and middle schools and is geared towards teens just learning to drive.

    Both programs are huge successes for the ATA and ATEF. Educating drivers about how to operate safely around large commercial vehicle benefits everyone!

    Because these great programs are so successful, we have increased the number of events we do year over year. As a result, we need to recruit more companies to participate.

    This is a great problem to have! The more people we can educate, the safer our roads will become… its as simple as that.
    Therefore, I invite all carrier members to join us for a very special meeting with DPS Sergeant Corey Smith and Trooper Ed Warren to go over the Teens and Trucks school program!!

    Thursday - July 27th -  11:30am to 1:00pm

    Lunch will be provided!

    Learn how you can help make a difference by participating with the Teens and Trucks School program. Additionally, for those of you who have participated in the past, there will be additional information regarding some changes we are making to the program for the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 semesters.

    Click here for more information and RSVP form. Please return RSVP form to knesta@aztrucking.com

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