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ICYMI: Webinar – “Getting Your Fleet Ready For The 3G Sunset | What You Need To Know”

ICYMI: Webinar – “Getting Your Fleet Ready For The 3G Sunset | What you need to know”

“Getting your fleet ready for the 3G sunset – What you need to know ” was presented by EROAD on June 9, 2021 in partnership with the Arizona Trucking Association.

3G networks will be retiring soon to prepare for the faster, more data capable 4G and 5G networks. This means that if you have any vehicles using 3G hardware or technology solutions, they will need to be updated or replaced to keep operating with no interruptions of service.

Join EROAD’s VP of Operations, Yasi Alemzadeh, who is responsible for managing the 3G to 4G transition for EROAD customers to:

• Find out when “the date” is for the sunset of 3G networks
Is it the same date for all service providers or will there be a gradual decrease in service over time?
• See how the 3G shut down will affect your fleet
Will my drivers be able to use their same ELDs or will I have to replace hardware?
• Understand the benefits of upgrading to 4G LTE
Will I get more data, faster, in a more reliable manner?
• Obtain best practices to transition with minimum disruption to your business and operations
Putting the right people in charge and creating a transition plan

Get yourself in the know and be prepared so you and your drivers won’t be left out in the dark when the sun sets on your 3G technology.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: webinar at eroad.com

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